By Elvin Castellanos

Deadpool is a Marvel film based on the comic book series of the anti-hero Deadpool. The film is directed by Tim Miller which is his first time directing a huge project.

It stars actors like Ryan Reynolds, and T.J. Miller, which were perfect casting in the film. The film starts with Wade Wilson, an ex mercenary, doing hitman jobs for money. He goes into a bar that his best friend Weasel owns and finds a girl that later in the film he falls in love with. Unfortunately for Wade, he is diagnosed with cancer, so he goes into a mutation experiment but it leaves him horribly disfigured. This also leads to the capture of his girlfriend. The experiment gives him superpowers, so he goes on a mission to find his girl and get her back. That is the overview of the film and what it is about.

When it comes to the editing portion of the film, it did not start off in a chronological sequence. It was nonlinear for the beginning; it showed Wade Wilson as Deadpool, with his signature costume and already going into some sort of battle. He is in a taxi, with a taxi driver, having a conversation on what he is about to do and where he is going. The taxi driver has relationship issues, so Deadpool gave him advice by telling him how he got there, and the love of his life that he lost. That is when the audience gets to see his origin, how he came to be Deadpool. The audience gets to see the human side of him to build an emotional connection to him, which can justify any action he takes. After he tells his origin to the taxi driver, that is when the movie becomes linear, and tells the story in a chronological way. Although, the film has minor flashbacks from time to time, usually for comic relief or purposes, not to push the story forward. The film takes place in New York City (NYC) and although the setting is real, obviously since it is a superhero movie, it comes with its fictional elements. Other than that, the film shows NYC in a realistic way: it shows the highways, buildings, and the night life as well such as bars. As I mentioned before, it shows yellow taxis and in NYC it is usually Muslims that drive yellow cabs and in this movie, the cab driver is Muslim. There are some elements that still holds true about the city even with fictional characters.


deadpoolandnagazonicThe color of the film, is consistently dark, almost a mellow tone of dark colors. The colors represent the seriousness and dramatic feel to the movie. The antagonist, and every other characters are or represented in a dark color way. The contrast of colors in the film is mostly Deadpool because his costume is mostly red with some black colors. Red represents; confidence, anger, loud and attention seeking qualities, in other words, there is nothing subtle about the bold color that is red. Deadpool meets all of those qualities which is a reason why the color suits him (no pun intended) he is very loud, and he constantly needs attention. He is very obnoxious to the other characters in the film, with the characters wanting him to “shut up!” but Deadpool never does. With the power to break the fourth wall, he also talks to the audience and interacts with the audience which continues any conversation that he has in the movie. The film said the reason why the costume is red, is so the blood would not stain or look bad in his costume, which is a valid reason considering before that he was wearing easily stained clothing that was hard to get the blood stain out. The matter of the fact is, the color red perfectly displays Deadpool’s personality because he is an extrovert and also have anger issues since he screams in frustration when someone is in his way of his goal.

There are more qualities of Deadpool that represents the color red like love and passion, which he definitely have since there is a love interest of a girl name Vanessa, who matches Wade Wilson’s characteristics, which is why he is in love with her. Vanessa and Wade are the perfect pair because of their tough past, passion and interest in sex and their love for danger, each representing the color red. In this film, Deadpool is the only character that wears red (besides the gutted dead bodies that he kills) since he is the main character and wants the attention on him. He stands out with his brightly colored suit in a world that almost everything is dark, perfectly portraying his extroverted character that he is. There is another character that wears yellow name Negasonic Teenage Warhead and she is the complete opposite of what yellow represents like; happiness and joy, she is instead; dark, moody and uncaring to the other characters, she is a teenager and she is grumpy and does not want to be around older people like Deadpool. This shows how not every color is rightfully represented by the character.


deadpool2The movie focuses on Deadpool, who is a round character, but did so in a minor way. During the origin story, Wade was always who he was, killing or threatening people that paid him to do so, he was cold hearted, but had some humor when he was doing a job. When he meets Vanessa, he starts to care because he falls in love with her, but he still acts the same way as he did before, but he does it with Vanessa. When Wade becomes Deadpool, he is relatively the same, but every characteristic is amplified, his humor, and his killing is amplified to the point where he can break the fourth wall and talk to the audience, having self-awareness. He uses his self-awareness ability for comic relief, he often tells raunchy jokes (one of the reasons why it is an R rated film) even making jokes of Ryan Reynolds’ past roles as a hero when he was the Green Lantern (an awful, poorly received film) making fun on how bad the film was. This trait is what makes Deadpool such an interesting and special character, the ability to break the fourth wall adding a new level of interaction with the audience. In television some shows like Saved by the Bell or The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the main character can break the fourth wall, which adds to the humor of the show. Not many movies do so which breaks the traditional aspect of movies. Breaking the fourth wall, adds another level of depth because the audience gets to know what the character thinks of the situation or predicament that he is in. the character gives the audience a different insight and perspective, allowing us to know what they truly think instead of the audience interpreting what is happening and making assumptions. It also adds to the narrative of the film, Deadpool narrates the story, but it is in his perspective, mostly it is. The reason it is mostly is because his girlfriend Vanessa, she narrated parts of the film and gave her perspective on how they met and their times dating. This shows how perfect the pair is with both having the ability to break the fourth wall and also narrating the story. Vanessa is also a round character in a minor way, which is because she is exactly like Deadpool, they both share similar characteristics and one of the few things that change about them is the love and care that they have for each other.


As for the sound and score of the film, it was a generic hero type of score with a few exceptions. For example, incorporating a rap song from rapper DMX called “X Gon‘ Give It To Ya” before the final battle, and this song is catchy and leaves a mark in the audience head as it will never be forgotten, just like the character Deadpool. It as well heightens the moment of the final battle as the audience anxiously waits for the battle to start. Other than that, the sound and score does not add anything to the film but instead coexist with it as another level to the humor of the film.

deadpool-xxThe cinematography plays an interesting role because what it does is stops a moment or frame, that way Deadpool can break the fourth wall for just a moment and then the sequence continues. For example, in one moment, Deadpool is fighting some henchmen in a car, one thing leads to another and the car flips. Whilst the car is in midair, that picture is frozen, so in that moment, Deadpool talks to the audience (breaking the fourth wall) and tells a joke, after the joke, the sequence continues as normal. That is one of the few instances where the cinematography is different and adds to the film. The rest of the time, it is generic as it can be with its widespread angles of roads, and boats being destroyed, and the focus of characters and their actions, other than that it does not add anything new to the film, to add something special.


The aspect that really shines in the film are the characters and the dialogue. The director of casting did a great job of it even if the one true star power is Ryan Reynolds. Everyone else did great by adding their own sense of humor to the film and playing off each other very well. The audience feels some sort of emotion, whether it is hatred or love, to each character. Deadpool brings out the best traits of each character with his big mouth and one can tell that the characters that Deadpool talk to are annoyed by the obnoxious rants. A big complaint is the antagonist of the film, Ajax, who does not do a great job of being hated or being feared. He did not have much going for him because the film does not portray him to be feared but instead seemed as a strong henchman. Deadpool has the power of fast healing, this allows the audience to feel comfortable on the journey of Deadpool knowing that he will be safe because he can break his limbs or tear off his limbs and he can simply grow a new one or reattach it.

The audience was well aware that Deadpool was not in any danger, he is capable of fighting someone who is stronger than an average human based of his powers. Ajax, the villain, was not scary or hated; he was portrayed as if he was an important strong henchman.

Overall the film did great in many parts because of Deadpool’s ability to break the fourth wall and his sense of humor. The film has many gory parts which adds to the personality of Deadpool, where the film lacks is where Deadpool shines to elevate the film to an entertaining movie that should not be taken seriously.


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