Star Wars: The Force Awakens


By Erika Peña

The film is directed by J. J. Abrams. He is known for directing  Armageddon and Cloverfield. This is the seventh installment in the Star Wars film series. It premiered on December 14, 2015. This film has become  the highest-grossing installment of the franchise and the third highest grossing film of all time, with a worldwide gross of more than $2 billion. It received five Academy Award nominations and 4 BAFTA nominations ( it won Best Special Visual Effects). Two sequels, Episode VIII, and Episode IX are scheduled for 2017 and 2019. Stars Wars is one of my favorite movies.


Every Stars Wars movie starts off the same, with the famous intro: the acclaimed theme song and the words going downward on the screen and the narrator reading those words. Stars Wars starts that way to give the audience a glimpse of what is going to happen. It has been about 30 years since the destruction of the second Death Star, and the disappearance of Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi. The First Order seeks to eliminate Luke and the New Republic. The Resistance is backed by The Republic and led by Lukes twin sister, General Leia Organa. Resistance pilot, Poe Dameron is trying to find the map to Lukes location, but he is captured by stormtroopers. But, there is stormtrooper who can not kill for the First order and he ends up escaping and freeing Poe. Finn, the stormtrooper who escapes meets Rey, a scavenger and also sees BB-8. They flee in a ship called the Millennium Falcon.

hansoloThe Falcon breaks down and is captured by a larger ship piloted by Han Solo and Chewbacca, who reclaim their former vessel. Gangs seeking to settle debts with Han board and attack, but the five escape in the Falcon. The gangs inform the First Order of Han’s involvement. At the First Order’s Starkiller Base, a planet converted to a superweapon that uses the energy of stars to destroy star systems, Supreme Leader Snoke orders General Hux to use the weapon for the first time. Snoke questions Ren about the involvement of his father, Han Solo; Ren says Han means nothing to him. The Falcon crew soon realizes that BB-8s map is incomplete and they need to find a way to complete it to find Luke. It is basically the fight between the Resistance and the First Order and solving the mystery to Lukes disappearance.


starwars3Sound is probably one of the most important and famous properties in the Stars Wars franchise. The writer of the score was John Williams who is also the composer for the previous six films. Sound , whether its the famous intro or a ship landing and rising, is always present. Sound is similar in all the Star Wars movies. The score was recorded by a freelance orchestra, with sessions continuing on and off over a five-month period. The 90-piece orchestra recorded 175 minutes of music, although nearly an hour of that was discarded, modified, or rerecorded as Abrams re-edited the film. The sound is important because when you hear a particular sound in the movie, you do not necessarily have to be looking to know what is going on. Fo example, the sound of a lightsaber is pretty easy to distinguish and also the sound of Kylo Ren when he speaks. Whatever event is happening, the sound enhances that and makes it more spectacular. John Williams returned to the same theme as the other Stars Wars movies because that would be the best way to go. Since music was a very important part of the franchise, it takes a lot of time to work put and perfect because it has to connect to the previous films and the sound/music does the movie justice. Without the original sound and music, Stars Wars would not have been the hit it is. It all ties in together. The sound was one of the best parts and very well done.

Color/Costume Design

Stars Wars is very colorful. The colors stand out. They are vibrant. The director and costume designer fit color perfectly into the movie. Each character wears a color and costume fitting their personality. The color is also important when it comes to the lightsabers. Without color, you would not be able to differentiate
starwars10between the light force and the dark force. The red lightsaber is for the dark force and the blue is the light force. When you see these colors, you know exactly who is fighting for who. Color also plays an important part when it comes to Kylo. Kylo is the epitome of dark and he demonstrates that with his mask, low voice, and dark robe. Also, the costume design for every character is also similar to all the other Star Wars movies. The stormtroopers have their own armor that they wear to fight. The characters are wearing what they typically would wear. When I saw what they were wearing. My first thought was Oh yea, they would definitely wear that.” “it was not like,What is Hans wearing?The colors were not dull, they brought light to the film and your eyes would widen just at the sight of everything that was going on because of all the vibrant colors. The color was also never too little, if anything it was just right. At first glance, the color in the film is definitely one of the first things I notice. The color also gives the scene a mood or tone to it. Robes are a very popular piece of clothing in Stars Wars as well. Characters wear fashionable robes.

Camera Work/Photography

starwars11The camera work is amazing. It had all the right angles. When the stormtrooper, Finn, woke up in the middle of nowhere and the camera was far away and it gave us a glimpse that he did not know where he was and they did a close up to show that he was confused. Also all the battle scenes, we were able to see different angles and what was going on. Another scene that was had nice camera work is the scene where Kylo is with Hans and they are fighting and the camera goes to show how far the fall is from where they are and when Hans was killed, it was very well done. The camera work always gave us a detailed shot of the characters and their emotions and what they were feeling. Such as when Ren and Hans are having their emotional encounter.

Cinematography/Special Effects

Chris Courbold and Roger Guyett are in charge of he Special Visual Effects. The visual effects are one of the main accomplishments of this film. Since the premiere, they have received numerous awards .


I am an acting major so that is typically what I focus on first. The characters of Finn and Rey had a very tight bond and I felt the connection that they had. Also the relationship between Kylo and Han was an interesting connection to see because he ended up being Hans son who turned to the dark side. Overall, the acting was on point and I felt it could not have been done better. It brought justice to the franchise and characters like Leia and Han Solo brought their character back and brought justice to it. My favorite character was Rey because she was so badass and she was not afraidhan2.png to fight and protect her friends. She is someone that does what is right and goes along with the Resistance to help the fight against the First Order. Another on of my favorite characters is Han Solo. He has always been a favorite of mine. He brings pride and the right attitude. He is a leader figure and Chewbacca looks to him as his mentor. He goes to try and get his son, Ren, back but soon realizes that his son is very deep into the dark side and has been manipulated and there is no way to bring him out, Han Solo is heartbroken and dies at the end. Another character that was my favorite is Finn. His character definitely developed. He toughened up because when he was a stormtrooper he was always scared to fight for them, but he found out he was just fighting for the wrong side. He was able to defend Rey and go on this journey to fight for the Resistance.


starwrs9I did not like the ending at all. I thought that the director could have changed the ending because if I was upset then I know a lot of other people were upset as well. Han was one of the good guys so obviously if our hero dies then we are upset. But aside from that, I thought it was absolutely well done and it brought justice to all the other movies. I am always excited to see a Stars Wars movies because of how great it turns out. Stars Wars movies always take a while to come out because of all the work that has to be put into it. The lighting, camera work, costume design, acting, it all ties in to the amazing project the director and all the other people who worked on this movie had to focus on. But he ending was not completely terrible, this may be a spoiler alert, but Luke is found on a distant planet and Rey ends up handing to him the lightsaber. It is simple to understand why Stars Wars is such a great phenomenon. It is a classic and has been around for many years.



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