Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice


By Niv Shaked

As Lex Luther says “Psychotic is just a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds”. Unfortunately, most viewers who watched Batman vs Superman probably has little minds since there is no other way to describe D.C comics new “masterpiece” Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice other than Psychotic failure. The film is the first cross world meeting between two D.C comics superheroes Superman and Batman on the big screen while trying unsuccessfully and somewhat too metaphorically to show the grudge between Superman and Batman, and their sudden understanding that only the two of them have to face a greater threat no other than the devil himself. In addition, the film introduces the first appearances of Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman and Flash versions and in fact preparing the grounds for the “League of Justice film of the DC comics universe in 2017.


batmansuper3The plot takes the viewer Eighteen months after the famous “Battle of Metropolis” storyline when Superman turns to be a highly controversial figure. Billionaire Bruce Wayne/Batman who’s fighting crime for nearly two decades, blaming Superman for the mass damage and the indiscriminate destruction resulting from his fearsome battles with General Zod and decides that he is a big threat to the world. Superman/Clark Kent on the other hand sees Batman as lawbreaker, dangerous and is on a mission to expose him for good. Superman’s archest rival Lex Luther, also sees Superman a threat as he compares him to a powerful God who is threat to the world and manage to convince Senator and legislator John Finch (June Finch) to help him import the Indian Ocean kryptonite spacecraft discovered from the remains of Zod spacecraft’s and use Zod’s DNA to create biological weapons based kryptonite in order to kill Superman.


D.C comics did their first mistake picking a very advanced and unfamiliar storyline from the DC universe as the main plot of the film. Instead of turning gradually and cautiously the viewers to geeks who are unfamiliar superhero exploits. DC tried to launch the construction of their Feature films two fast with not much details which is to too cruel to the viewers and what makes the movie a big failure.

Batman against Superman: Dawn of Justice is a monumental error and unfortunately it‘s not just a bad movie that one can ignore it and continue like noting happened, it’s a film that supposed to set the ground work for five other future films and this is why it is so important. Time Warner and DC comics tired put all their chips on this creature, and to swing for the fences as they trying to compete with Marvel’s “Avengers” franchise with no real idea how the final product needs to feel and look like. 

batman66The entire production biggest weakness was lacked a true leader that has experience with superhero movies and know how to bring a good old fashioned comic book to life. The first mistake made by the studios was the director Zack Snyder. Snyder seems to be a talented up and coming director, but he is very unexperienced with brining a highly detailed stories and simplify them into life. Unlike “300 and “the dawn of the dead” a Comic book movie needs to give the audience details and make them interact with the movie’s plot much more. Snyder is the man you love to hate today. the viewers categorize him as a director of the pyrotechnic without real content, or without a soul, Snyder doesn’t have in problem with the basics of directing but has an issue with selecting an appropriate style or hardware compatibility, and pick up or not pick up metirials from other dimensions of meaning. And must say that in this case, this particular film, Snyder’s stylistic excesses perfectly suited to the material, much like a superhero tights. After all, this film is not a minor – is a film about people with superpowers, who want to save or to destroy humanity, their presence on the world figures larger than life. There is no place for restraint – this opera, it’s larger than life. This Trojan War, is The Iliad. This violent people and violent against people. Modern Mythology. A war between Heaven and Earth. All chords strong and loud, all accompanied by drums and booming voices.

batmansuper2.jpgThe movie is probably too advanced and was released in bad timing since the audience having hard time to understand the background of one of the main character’s- Batman. The previous Batman movies; The Dark Knight Trilogy” was a superb cinematographic work in all aspects and set a huge bar for the entire Batman franchise. for the first time ever the dark night gave Batman a realistic look and really focused on the struggles Bruce Wayne is facing and the transformations he is experiencing in becoming “The Batman”, Christian Bale really redefined and marked the character as his with his acting abilities and charisma and was able to delete any old and bad memories of George Clooney who played batman before him in the 90’s.The new Batman Ben Affleck had to deal with a major predetermined execution when the film was announced, because he had to play a totally new character and was a not accepted by the fans who could not handle with a big entanglement and change of the character.

I think one of the things that cause bad reactions this film Is that over two-thirds of it the director Snyder gives the viewers difficulties to love their heroes. He shows them damaged and Fortis in their imperfections and help us to see them as human and arouse sympathy. Batman shooting, response and kills people, is disgruntled, angry and seemed completely in control, that is, does not seem like someone who works out of judgment and rationality.

bs5.jpgSuperman is shown arrogant, dark, aggressive, and also bitter. An example of this can be seen at the very beginning of a remarkable virtuoso and film, which Bruce Wayne ran through the streets of Metropolis as he discovers Superman from the perspective of a human being. This is something that was already happened in the previous film, Man of Steel, but this angle Superman through the eyes of Batman reinforces the point – Superman perceived as a threat by anyone looking at it from below, by the ordinary and brave man has no power-on. And there was Superman really irresponsible, lack of experience and lack of control. Here audacity – our favorite heroes, and Snyder takes us to them and gives us marvel at them. He wants viewer to feel mixed emotions, and be too scared of them, visibility from them and that’s what makes the movie feel uncomfortable – a moral discomfort

The movie tries to give viewers a sense of seriousness with his opening scene, which is pretty impressive since tons of CGI animations and budget on real life stunts in New York City was invested in it. close outs, long range and mid shots from hovers, dramatic angles, face expressions, super-fast camera movement and great camera to computer integration gave a great inspirations and hopes. In additions thesuperheroisms” was combined with a very impressive original soundtrack and gave high hopes and expectations for this be a very good film. And as Uncle ben once said “with big power comes big responsibility” which the movie is ls not able in achieving. Another big hole in the story line is why in fact Batman wants to kill Superman so badly? Aren’t they both “The Good Guys”? , Superman and Batman Although both superheroes, but they represent different approaches and different priorities, and therefore it is quite possible well-written screenplay will make them confront each other like Captain America and Iron Man. This film acts as if the year is 2002; the beginning of all major comic book movies and is trying to prove to everyone Ribbons comics are not just for kids and completely forgetting the way comics are primarily for children. This is a film about Superman. The most classic super hero, and ridiculously trying to make him too seriously, a. He’s so dark and depressing and not trying dare, even for a moment to just deliver the most important things in a comic book movie- fun.

Batman vs Superman had the potential to be a great movie but the attempt to gain viewers for much too little content certainly not beneficial to the film. The film is a kind interchange editing style of Batman and Superman, that is merge in the middle of the film and shows the conflict between them. The editing is very confusing since it tries to show four or five different completely separated storylines that are supposed to merge at a certain point in the film, it was done before in different films but the editing and the flow is so not convincing that the movie just looks like two and a half hours of trailers all edited toghather with no general purpose behind it. For example, Jesse Eisenberg plays Lex Luther who is surely the only thing that gives hope in this film through hisbatmansuper4 outstanding acting.

Eisenberg manages to bring humanity, hate, mockery, humor, and resemble real madness so needed from a true Psychopath that cause each viewer goosebumps every time he open his mouth Justifies his act the being one of the biggest villains in the history of the comic books. but no one ever even had the thought about introduce him the right way to the unfamiliar crowd. The transition between scenes so unclear and takes us viewers to so many places around the world in a timespan of 35 min only; Africa, the Caribbean Islands, Metropolis, Washington DC, Gotham, Thailand all those were shown in the film and no one have any idea why. In addition to the super confusing editing, the text in the film is just luthormake no senses, all the characters are speaking random clichés and seems to be only written just so the movie wouldn’t look like a big dramatic mixtape of explosions and actions scenes. it has been done before, showing different worlds mixing into one another but the feeling that every scene has an “end” makes it to be just a combination of nice trailers and not a real movie with a strong character. In addition It is very difficult to tell a story about two people who are so dominant and show it in such a short time . unlike the avengers which also have many main characters but focus on their actions as a team Batman Vs Superman is trying to show to different stories from start to end and it’s something that basically makes no sense.


One thing the film is indeed managed to convey was his soundtrack. Substantial investment was made in conjunction of original music and melodies and added personification, empowerment scenes and characters, and sometimes even managed to save a bad scenes and dialogues dull. In addition, viewers with sharp ear will certainly recognize that a lot of the tunes in the film comes in the television series back in the 90’s combined with a full Orchestra entire musical assembly the film certainly get a great musical dimension because of that.

In Conclusion Batman vs Superman movie is not a bad movie, it is a movie that wasn’t edited and directed the way it should be. DC Comics tried so hard to compete with Marvel that released an unfinished product, a beta version of a film that was supposed to be the cornerstone of a series of films in the DC comics universe. The only way to repair the Hubble in this film is tomake a sequel. But a sequel that trench thirty levels of the original in terms of content, editing, directing, and preserving all the small elements that make superhero film to be so much fun.

Viewers are not stupid and DC Comics and Time Warner has to know that like the late Christopher Reeve says in the original film ” There is a right and a wrong in our universe, and the distinction is not hard to make”.



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