Star Wars:The Force Awakens


By Carla Cadenas


It starts thirty years after the Galactic war that took place after Star Wars:Return of a Jedi.They are facing a new threat from the evil Kylo Ren and the first Order.The first Order are looking for luke skywalker to destroy him and the republic.The resistance is against the first order and are backed up by the republic.Fin a Storm trooper chooses a different path and leaves the first order and crash-lands on a desert planet,where he meets Rey a strong female lead whose droid has the mao to Luke Skywalker.han2They join together to keep the droid safe and bring it to the resistanceI dont rememeber the previous Star Wars movies as I watched it when I was young.I can see why people were so obssessed with Star Wars.It is a phenomenal movie and it literaaly takes you to a galazy far,far away.I belive all the acotrs were great.I was mesmerized by the character Rey who is a young scavanger.I belive she was a strong female lead.


Actors and Performances

I was very impressed with the acting and with the movie itself.As an actress I always look on the performances of actors in movies.Only,this, time I was very distracted with the stroy line and visual effects the directors did.The first person I want to talk about is Daisey


Ridley who played Rey is an unknow actress and made it into this film.She has only had three years in the industry since 2013 (yes I researched her thorougly) and its amazing that in three years shes in a movie that has influenced pop cultutre; I find that very inspiring as one day I want to breakthrough like that.She did appear in many other televison shows but this is her breakthrough.I was very impressed with her acting and howshe took this character.The character oviously was very resilient and strong willed with her own opinions.There was a scene in the movie where Rey was found by Kylo Ren and he stoped her with the force and she acted the part with such struggle.She really made me belive he was controling her.Another actor I want to speak about is John Boyega who is best know for his role in this movie as Fin.I believe he captured such a great presence on film.His body language was very on poin with his acting because on the first scene he is in the line of Strom Troopers ready for battle he was the one who looked out of place even with a mask on.We see when Fin reaches to his hurt comrad(another strom trooper) and the comrad touches Fins helmet.We didnt have to see his face for a reaction his body language said it all.He knew what he was doing was wrong and that he had no choice in this situation either.When Kylo Ren says kill all the civilians we see Fin in great shock and the internal sturggle he has to kill these innocent people.His body languge shows the internal struggle and what he chooses after.Body language always plays a great role in acting.Adam Driver who plays Kylo Ren definately took the movie.He is a worthy successor of Darth Vader I found him so epically bad,in a good way.His whole demeanor as the character really showed the power that he had.There was a scene where it show the instability of the character when he was destroying parts of the ship with a lightsaber and he killed that part.He showed how human this character was unlike Darth Vader because there was a scene where his father Han Solo (Harrison Ford) pleaded for him to come back.I found this scene to be very vulnerable.The expression on Kylo Rens face of confliction of emotion of not know what to do.It is a different aproach that the actor did.Usually we see villains always being stoic and pure evil bkylout this villain does have emotional turmoil because he is afraid he wont be like his grandfather Darth Vader.Oscar Issac is another phenomenal actor and a Guatemalan actor like myself and I found his acting to be very charming.I researched him and I belive he is a character actor ;they are able to bring characters to life.



starwars3Dan Mindel is the cinematographer on Star Wars:The Force Awakens.I truly believe he did an amazing job.I saw an interview that he did about Star Wars and how he did his process to film this.He explained that he worked on set with J.J. Abrams who was the film director,co-producer and co-writer kept changing the script which pushed it back a month;Mindel said that it was fantastic because it gave him more time to walk the sets.Which he was able to pay more attention and more time to see what they can do.In the first scene when the First Order was attacking the village the way the stormtroopers where lined up like soldiers,the lights are flickering and the camera panning to the concerned soldiers.Giving the audience that some of the stormtroopers wont be coming back and they are actually people in these uniforms.The camera shows wide angels when it comes to the battles showing that the stormtroopers start dying like people do in war.


Lighting, Color and Effects

These techniques played a great role in the movie because it would set the mood on the scenes or foreshadow what is to come. Also color would give definition to the character and what they are going through. There is a scene where they zoom into Kylo Ren and the lighting is dark and there is fire the background due to his red lightsaber.  To me it shows the power he has especially because his hand is extended to catch the lightning bolt with his force, so this emphasizes his power. I feel like this darkness shows what is going on,  is the cruel killing of innocent civilians.


starwars10The color in this scene shows the great power that the first Order has. Being able to control and manipulate people into thinking what they are doing is right. For some reason this reminds me of how Hitler controlled the Nazis. The color in this scene is very cold and dead the only color standing out is red and to me it symbolizes violence and rebellion.

These scenes are all visual effects and computerised.Without the talented artist we wouldn’t have these amazing aircraft in Star Wars. There is, so much artwork generated for this film and it starts with the production designers putting new ideas and taking things from the early Star Wars.

Music and Sound Effects

starwars11The music was composed by John Williams. The music and the effect play larger roles in the scenes because without it, it would just have the same effect on the audience. Like the scene where Rey meets BB8 the droid and it has this cute and heroic sound because she saves him.



Honestly, I became even more of a geek after watching Star Wars. I loved the idea of other galaxies and being with aliens. The world is so enthralling and it makes you want to be in that world. I feel like that is what every director tries to get from their audiences and some fail to do so. This is why Star Wars is so successful because it captivates the audience into falling in love with a world and it’s an escape from our reality. We find our world boring because we see this beauty in other world and the grass always does look greener on the other side. I fell for every character in this movie especially with Oscar Isaac because I see a brother that made into Hollywood and I don’t see many Guatemalan actors. I would one day love to work with J.J. Abrams as he likes to cast unknown actors.



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