The Perfect Match


By Jason Espinal

The title of the movie seemed interesting to me. The phrase “Perfect Match” is interesting because it’s a belief that some of us won’t ever see. In life you try to never use the word perfect in anything because our lives aren’t perfect. This made me want to go watch this movie as soon as it came out.

The cast of the movie really drew me in as well with Terrence J and Lauren London. I have watched Terrence J in the movie “Think like a man” and also on 106 & Park when he was the host. I liked him as an actor in those movies and on 106 & Park. I know Lauren London from the movie “ATL” with rapper T.I and on the show “The Game”. I think she did a terrific job in “ATL” and in “The Game. I think she’s a wonderful actress.

perfectmatch.jpgAnother reason why I chose to watch and analyze this film is because it is a comedy movie and the story is something I can relate to my own life. I love comedy movies because they make you laugh and enjoy yourself. This movie is written as a romantic comedy, which is a genre of movies that I enjoy as well. Some of the few things that I will analyze about this movie are the editing structure, director’s history, flat or round characters, and the overall vision and message that the director is trying to give the viewer.

mattch3The editing of this movie is pretty basic from the beginning. The main character “Charlie” is a ladies man and does not believe in relationships. So the movie begins with him and a random girl and it seems as if he has just had sex with her. Usually in movies the editing is shown from a beginning to end structure. This means that the beginning of the movie is also the start of something to change later on in the movie. This movie is no different with each character getting a start early in the movie. The two main characters you can see are supposed to meet later in the movie. The movie goes from Charlie not wanting a long term relationship then making a bet with a friend to see if he would fall in love. The typical structure of beginning, middle, and end is the same in every movie but some movies might change the order. For example when we saw “Pulp Fiction” the ending of the movie was a part of the beginning and the editor was trying to give the viewer the change in story. This movie is the total opposite because the editor makes it simple for you to watch and understand this movie. This is also the case for most comedy movies. Most comedy movies are simple and easy to watch because you can just laugh and enjoy the movie without having to think a lot. This is why I enjoy comedy movies so much because the editing is really simple and the movies are exciting and enjoyable to watch.


beautyshopThe director of this movie is Bille Woodruff. Woodruff has been in the film industry since the 1990’s. He is a music and film director. He has directed films from “Beauty Shop” and “Bring it On: Fight to the finish”. Most of the movies he has directed are movies with a female main character and are comedic in some way. “The Perfect Match” is no different with the secondary main character being a female. I think the reason Woodruff does this in his movies is to give females a chance to headline a movie and give them the opportunity to expand their roles as actresses. For years we have seen men dominate the head role in movies, and these kinds of movies gives the females a chance to do the same and possibly win awards for their accolades. I think he also does this to give the movie more diversity and not just have only or only women. These movies are diverse and have a balance between men and women. I also noticed that he gives roles to famous women like Queen Latifah and Christina Millian a chance at a head role. This is interesting to me because these women are famous in the music industry as well and as a model in other industries. This makes his vision different with giving famous women an opportunity to have a main role in a movie.


One character in the movie that is definitely a round character is Charlie. At first he is more of a “player” type of guy, who is a guy who doesn’t believe in a full long term relationship with one person but would rather have multiple partners. As the movie goes along he meets a beautiful girl and eventually falls in love and sees that maybe having only one girl in his life could be perfect. As a man it is very hard to change after you’ve been living your life on the edge and having multiple women on the side. To change and actually find the perfect woman for yourself is difficult because your whole life changes. Charlie is a round character due to change in mindset and letting his heart tell him what he needs to have. The decision to believe in love and having only one woman or letting his life just go on the edge with getting multiple partners down the line. It’s almost as if you see two different Charlies in the film.cassieventura.jpg

The music is related to the overall theme of the movie. A lot of romantic songs, very upbeat. I think that the director’s vision of this movie is based on “anything is possible”. You never know when someone can come into your life and change your life for the better. Also being somebody for a point in your life doesn’t mean that this has to be who you are forever. People can change and change for the better with the right person in front of them. I believe that this is something we all can do and have in our lives. Love is a special thing and we all can meet that one person we can love for the rest of ourselves. We all have a perfect match and with love, that one person will feel special to us.

Charlie really enjoyed having multiple partners and being a “player”. There is a scene from the beginning of the movie and it shows Charlie in bed with two women. He is clearly going to sleep with both of them and enjoy himself. This also shows how happy he is and these two women are to be in this situation. Charlie also looks like he does this often and it’s not new to him. He also looks as if he knew this was going to happen, which is having sex with two women. The two women are very comfortable to be with him and look very happy to be in bed with Charlie.

perfctmatch5In this picture it shows a real deep kissing scene between Charlie and Eva. This picture shows how deeply in love Charlie looks as he kisses Eva and vice-versa. The deep kiss comes from Eva hugging and grabbing Charlie’s face and neck as she kisses him. Charlie grabs Eva by her upper waist and pulls her close to him. This shows the total opposite of the picture above where Charlie looks into the women’s legs and not their eyes or face. He looks like all he wants is just the intimacy with the two women and nothing else. In this picture he has his eyes closed and his holding onto a beautiful woman who he is deeply in love. Also what makes this kiss even deeper is that it looks like a French kiss. I don’t think Charlie would French kiss the two women in the picture above at all. But with Eva he is willing to let his emotions take over and have a special moment with her. This picture symbolizes the change in Charlie’s character to a different person, a person who is deeply in love with Eva.

I really enjoyed watching this movie and I would definitely watch it again and recommend people to watch it too. If you like comedy, romance, and famous actors and actresses then this is the movie for you.


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