The Rise of Thadland


By Víctor Martínez

The film I am going to analyze is “The Rise of Thadland” directed by Lev L. Spiro. Before I give my analysis and share the different dynamics of the movie I want to give a small introduction of what the movie is about. The movie is followed up by a television show that aired before this movie was released. The television show was called “Blue Mountain State” which aired 3 seasons from 2010-2011. The show features a college football team who’s all about partying, sex with college girls and fun adventures. Moreover, The Rise of Thadland follows up right with it a few years later after one of the characters known as Thad Castle, and former captain of the football team makes it to the NFL (National Football League) and becomes rich and famous. The Dilemma that now occurs is that Alex Moran, the quarterback and now captain of the football team is trying to do anything possible to keep the “Goat House” after the dean of Blue Mountain State college threatens to sell their house. Alex struggles to find a solution to avoid the dean’s plan. However, he comes up with the conclusion that he will throw the biggest party ever for Thad in efforts for him to buy the house so Alex can stay with the Goat House for him and his teammates.

Visual Design


There was an abundance of visual designs and effects when Thad Castle pulled up to his enormous party. The lights set up around the house and all the different party disco lights had an instant effect on the movie. The party was a carnival, there were lights surrounding a carousel, Thad Castle stickers all over the walls, red party cups designed as lights, neon lights surrounding a hot tub, trees decorated with Christmas lights. When they reached “Thadland” Alex had snowing cocaine for Thad with could have had a connection with the Christmas lights. In fact, there was even a red carpet rolled out for Thad as he first entered the party.

From the sounds,  Thad was having himself the party of the century. The lights that are set up in this scene of the movie can set the mood of the party or can show you what you are about to expect. It distinguishes a regular party from the type of party that Thad had. In addition, when the students are at the party and they take all the drugs they have at the party they show how the students are experiencing it from their perspective. Including Thad himself. He loves every aspect of the party. The drugs, the females, the loud music, and of course his face posters all over the place. In one scene Alex has a taste of some fumes that make him hallucinate and ends up being knocked out cold for two days. I enjoyed this part of the scene because I like how it tries to put you in the characters shoes, to show what they are experiencing. It’s almost like a 3D kind of thing where in certain scenes some particular objects may come at you. However, in this scene, it lets you experience it from the point of view of Alex.riseofthad6


Throughout, the movie Thad had a few symbols that represented ideas and other qualities. In fact, his whole party was based on drawings that he had drawn up in ideas for a party that he wanted to have. It Seems that Alex Moran came at the right time to make his party come true. Although Alex developed the party, Thad takes all of the credit. The title of the film “The Rise of Thadland” and Thad’s last name “Castle” also falls in to represent the huge party night and to tie in with the plot. Thad acts throughout the movie as if he lives in his own world, as the world revolves around him and nobody else. His ego remains at 1,000 most of the time. At the party, Thad was calling the Goathouse, Thad’s Castle in which he tends to get ahead of himself at times. While being in the backyard he called it the “Thadland”, and had one thing to say about his first time seeing the “Thadland”. When Alex asks him what does he think of it Thad states, “Fuc* you Walt Disney you unimaginative piece of shit! This is Thadland!” As he roars and hypes up the party goers. Another small piece of symbolism I found was that Thad calls Alex Moran, by his last name Moran but he doesn’t say it as spelled. He takes matters into his own hand and calls him Moron, a stupid person.


riseofthad3.jpgThad, a great football player who is now in the National Football League is a great one. Getting paid millions and now famous he seems to have it all. However, Thad’s personality is a whole different story. He’s a person full of ego and feels superior to others. He doesn’t care how he talks to people, he’s loud, obnoxious. However, he is a hilarious guy and always seems to be part of a joke. He’s a sight to see on screen and is full of jokes and sarcasm. He’s a little slow in the head, and his head is not always where it needs to be, and he’s always out of the loop. Another main character, Alex Moran who is also on the football team as the starting quarterback for the Blue Mountain State and a senior to come is all about the girls and the parties. The school is basically a party school. At first, Alex did not care much for football when he first came on the team as the third-string quarterback. He enjoyed his role because he didn’t have to do much. However, when he realized that the starting quarterback role brought him more girls, that was the job he wanted! Alex is more head on and definitely a more chill of a guy then Thad, as you can almost say they are the exact opposite.

Transition From Show to Movie

The transition from the show to the movie was okay and not what was truly expected. The show had more episodes based on the football side of things and would revolve around more jokes around that. In the movie, everything was based on the party. So it was more of a party movie overall, which doesn’t follow up much from season series. It would’ve been cooler to see the movie revolve more around the football field and team. After reading some user critics it seems like other people agree with me in the idea that they should have based the movie on more what the series was like. The change could have occurred because of a director directing the whole thing. Throughout the series, they had different directors directing different episodes and seasons. However, with this movie The Rise of Thadland, there was only one director, although they shared the same writers.


While everyone was partying there was an abundance of party music playing. In relation to what’s going on at the moment. The music directors did a great job of choosing the correct music lyrics to sync in with the plot of the story. The song that caught my attention the most was “1234” by Wallpaper. Some of the lyrics from the song states “1, 2, 3, fuckin’ hell yeah 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 times on the way. 1, 2, 3, fuckin’ hell yeah 5, 6, 7, 8, Grey Goose lemonade. I got a paycheck and quit my job. Drinking Red Bull without a cause. We can party at your house. Hope your parents don’t come home before we bounce!”


This film was very funny, but not anywhere near what the series was like. I wouldn’t rewatch this film but would definitely rewatch the television series. The plot of this film and their idea was great. However, I don’t believe it was solid enough. They should have added more insight to the football side of things. However, the movie showed great music which went in sync with moments that were happening in the story. The visual design of things was great, the visual directors did a great job and grabbed the viewers attention with light and the amount of light they used. The characters were funny as usual, they kept up their end of things and they played a great role. Overall, the movie was good I feel as if they could have done a better job.



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